Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI Experience in Hashtags

Davin Wilson

Move over John Montana. Take a seat Terry Bradshaw. Tom Brady is the GOAT. Brady’s orchestration of the most improbable comeback in Super Bowl history proves he’s to football what A Tribe Called Quest is to hip-hop, Miles Davis to jazz and Willie Nelson to country music.

It was a tale of one period for Brady. He looked absolutely lost through the first three quarters, resembling a Generation Z road trip without their GPS. Brady put on his big boy pants in the fourth quarter, however, en route to his record-setting fifth Super Bowl title — surpassing both Montana and Bradshaw’s mark of fours.

The Patriots’ comeback resembled something out of NCAA 14 where you turn the skill level down to varsity after getting your butt whipped for the first three quarters on Heisman. Brady and New England were Stravinsky in the fourth period compared to their Debussy in the first three. Dont’a Hightower’s strip sack changed the momentum, and receiver Julian Edelman played Kyrie Irving to the Falcons.

Twitter-sphere lit up as James White scampered in from two-yards out to complete the comeback. Bill Simmons ran the gamut of emotions, going from cautiously optimistic, to down-and-out before ending with defiance and elation, shouting out Roger Goodell. Bill Burr spent the early part of the night looking for silver linings, but by the end of the night, he had changed his tune.

In honor of Simmons and Burr’s mood swings, I will now present a list of Brady hash-tags my girlfriend, and I made up watching the game.
























#BradysPerfectBallsBeer #2018








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